Monday, 27 October 2014

Penglipur Lara


Aku ada banyak post yang semua aku dah tulis tapi aku biarkan dalam draft. Aku tak gagah membuka hati perasaan aku di sini. Jadi tontonan seluruh pelusuk bumi. Itupun kalau ada yang baca. Kalau tidak aku yang perasan sorang2. Mari sengih macam kerang busuk..hahahaha

Semua post2 dalam draft tu aku tulis masa aku emosi. Jiwa amarah merasuk diri atau tatkala jiwa kacau dan hiba. Benda2 yang aku rasa kalau aku cerita orang akan cakap, biasalah tu, lumrah dunia. Move on and let go. Tapi hati aku ni suka memberontak. Lagi dicakap jangan, lagi aku ingin. Sudahnya, aku diam dan tulis kat blog konon nak publish. Tapi lepas tu aku kecut jadi aku simpan dalam draft saja. Hahaha

Taruk gamba seketul jap. Feeling2 kat laut. Subhanallah. Cantik sangat sunset dengan sunrise bila di tengah laut ni. Manusia dalam gambar pun apa :P

Okeh tu saja malam ni. Aku tadi macam banyak idea nak tulis ape. Sekali internet jadi slow. Sementara tunggu loading aku pun lupa dah ayat2 power yang aku imagine dalam kepala ni. Takpe2. Next time ye minna-san!

Esok kerja so jomlah tidur awal. Kalau tak, nanti terlajak tidur lagi (hari ni pun aku overslept dan sampai office lambat -__-"). Maaf bos.

Till then. Toodles :)

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Weekend Getaway #2 - Penang


Another weekend getaway for me..yeayyy!!! This time is totally unplanned and very spontaneous. It started when I voiced out that I want to visit Penang and eat all the yummy foods there. So, we gather up few of my Curtinian friend and since it is weekend so we have 8 of us.

We drove from KL around 8am, pick up a friend in Ipoh and arrived Penang around 1pm I believe or was it 2pm. The slight longer time was due to we missed the junction to Ipoh..hahaha..we laughed about it all the time. We had to make U-turn at Kuala Kangsar which is 25km away. Pheww...

We pick up our friend at Butterworth and had lunch cooked by his mother. Deliciousssssssss...! Then, the rain was pouring heavily and since we didn't plan so we kinda lost what to do that day. So, it was decided to find hotel first. Finally we found one around 7pm-ish that suite our budget and did not fully booked. When we look back at that day, we actually spent more hours inside the car instead of outside..hahaha.

That night, we had dinner at Batu Feringgi and the seafood was awesomeeee. We met the actor Ikram as well. It is located not far from pasar malam there.

The next day, we went to Bukit Bendera. It is covered with mist so we can't really see anything below. But, do enjoy the tonnes of pictures below (don't say I didn't warn ya) :)

 This picture taken inside the train :)

Some of the flowers that can be found here. Notice the heavy mist at the background.

We do random and spontaneous things together since zaman belajar..haha

View from train masa turun from Bukit Bendera. Duduk depan sekali so boleh dapat view cantik ni :) Next we went to have lunch at the famous Nasi Kandar Line Clear and Penang Street Art. It is located at the same vicinity, 

Here are some of pictures taken at the Penang Art Street. The art was located a bit far from each other, so we rent bicycle to move around. It's around RM20 but we managed to tawar to RM15 each bike.

Ais kepal sedappp!

This is art or what?

And many mores that we hadn't had time to cover. So, then we went to Gurney Hawker Street makan pasembor and then we headed back to KL and arrived home around 3am.  Lucky that I don't have to go to work the next day..but I do pity my friend that who had to..haha

So, that's it, back to back weekend getaway. Alhamdulillah all went well and I'm a happier less cranky person now..hee :)

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Weekend Getaway #1 - Singapore

Salam all,

After months of work with no play, i've decided to pamper myself with spontaneous no plan trip to Singapore and Penang. Gonna divide it to two posts since lotsa pictures were taken. And pictures worth a thousand words. Anyway, let's start with Singapore trip.

Went there with my close friends and the main attractions that we're aiming for is USS, of course :D

We bought the ticket to USS for day pass and as well as Halloween Night pass from Groupon, so we saved few ringgits. We took 7.40am flight from KL and arrived around 10am since the flight was delayed a bit. From Singapore Changi Airport, we took cab to USS. It cost around 20 SGD.  More or less the same if we took MRT since we divided it into four persons.

Cab is totally differ from Malaysian cab. Better car. Polite driver. They actually follow the speed limit. No rushing in driving and the cab smell nice. Oh wow.

We arrived USS around 10.30am and we bought express pass to cut the queue. Totally worth it! We enjoyed all the rides and it was awesomeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Here goes the picturesssssssssss :)

We stayed until 12.30 am as we also stayed for the Halloween Horror Night which is seasonal event for USS. Then, we took a cab and went to our Le Peranakan Hotel for the night. It cost around Rm160 per night. I don't have the pictures because too exhausted from the days spent at USS. 

We woke up late in the morning so we went straight away for lunch at Arab Street to enjoy murtabak singapore and the yummylicious beriani. Worth every penny. Then, we went to Bugis Street, bought some souvenirs and off to have a taste of this famous Sup Tulang Merah. 

Not bad and worth trying. We move around via MRT this time. Then, we headed to the Merlion Park and the walked all the way to the Marina Bay Hotel. 

Last but not least, we take MRT to the airport safely arrived KL around 11 pm. 

Exhausted but it was fun :)

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